greek gods but i only use images from filthyfrank and idubbbz r/mythologymemes

16 Greek Mythology Memes For The Myth Enthusiast

Your son's probably gonna kill you. Throwing your son in the ocean to avoid the wrath of the furies > abortion. r/GreekMythologyMemes: Throwing your son in the ocean to avoid the wrath of the furies > abortion.

19 Memes We Found This Week That Only Greek Mythology Nerds Will Understand

We always love us some ancient history memes, and Greek mythology takes the cake for some of our favorite content. So please enjoy these memes and Tumblr tidbits fit for the Gods. Posted by Meeeeesh. Advertisement. 1. Via shinyshane. Advertisement. 2. Via shinyshane.

greek gods but i only use images from filthyfrank and idubbbz r/mythologymemes

Just a few Greek mythology memes I made [all] There is actually an interesting theory about this story of Pan dying. Basically, the sailor who claimed to have heard this, a man named Thamus, heard someone announce "Thamus, the great god Pan is dead!" as he sailed past an island in the evening. However, if you look at the sentence in ancient.

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One of the best parts about classical mythology is how absolutely bonkers it is. On Twitter, this fact is thoroughly appreciated on the account @CSMFHT, and the beautiful thing is, you need to know only the bare minimum about mythology to enjoy the memes the account makes and publishes. Welcome to the Elysium of ancient memes!

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Vote up the most entertaining mythology tweets. Greek mythology has deep, mystical roots. But it can also be pretty funny! While franchises like Percy Jackson and movies like Wrath of the Titans have introduced Greek myths into the world of pop culture, Twitter users have taken it to another level with gut-busting comedic tweets. Enjoy! 1.

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A group where you can share Greek Mythology Memes. I am in no way an expert and if anyone here is I'm sorry. Also, all credit to whoever i post/talk about.

Odysseus would have this on his board because he basically was doing this just using different

Greek Mythology memes Uranus By Skaint 11h 90% (318) Greek Mythology Uranus This is SO accurate! :grin: By STUMPYBEANS010 2023-12-24 06:21 89% (844) Funny Incredibles Greek Mythology Zeus Lol By Nifller921 2023-12-13 15:07 52% (408) Aphrodite Greek Mythology Lol so true By Nifller921 2023-12-13 08:23 85% (414) Apollo Zues Greek Mythology

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Sisyphus is a figure in Greek mythology who was punished for cheating death twice by being forced to eternally roll a boulder up a hill only to have it fall every time. Numerous Twitter users made jokes referencing this story (examples shown below). On August 19th, Mashable [6] and the Daily Dot [7] reported on the trend specifically focusing.

Odysseus's Men *eat the cattle of the sun god and continue to sail* The sun god to

Theseus: If you don't like me, just say that. Hercules: Okay. I don't like you. Theseus: Why would you say that, that is so mean. #this is me making memes about them instead of writing about them #greek mythology #greek myth #theseus #hercules #heracles #s: elyse myers on tiktok #ancient greece #mythology #greek gods #incorrect greek.

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If you're a fan of Greek mythology (which, we guess you are because you are reading this right now), you know that the Greeks know how to tell a good story. From Hades and Persephone to Jason and the Argonauts, these myths filled our minds with wondrous images, colorful tales of epic heroes, and scary monsters that hid around every corner.

16 Greek Mythology Memes For The Myth Enthusiast

DEEP DIVE. Seemingly overnight, Greek gods memes have gone viral on Reddit, inspiring a number of image macro memes about different traits of the most well-known Greek gods and goddesses. Particular popular on the Dank memes subreddit, these memes poke fun at stereotypes about Greek gods, portraying them through contemporary images.. Greek Gods Memes. The sudden influx of Greek mythology memes.

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The Disneyfication of Greek mythology in 1997 animation Hercules is pretty hilarious if you're familiar with the real (and very messed up) lore. In the movie, Zeus, Hera and Hercules are presented as one big wholesome family. The actual legend is full of adultery, violence, revenge, and terrible parenting.

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leosoralyyn Follow Odysseus' last words to Poseidon #greek mythology #ancient greek mythology #greek mythology memes #odysseus #poseidon #greek myth #greek gods #the odyssey greekmythcomix Follow Was just reminded of my stupid Odysseus parody of the Theoden of Rohan meme: ALT ALT ALT

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Ancient History Encyclopedia The Internet finds the most random things to be hilarious: cats making weird faces, existential crisis jokes and, most of all, memes (So many memes). There are memes about everything, but some of my personal favorites are about Greek mythology: gods, goddesses and heroes, like Athena, Zeus and Odysseus.

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Daddy death by Tesla-powered-chicken 1,262 views, 11 upvotes This is all Greek to me. by who_am_i 11,359 views, 217 upvotes, 37 comments you especially, zeus by leGo1489 2,793 views, 1 upvote worter by hello_there142 20,734 views, 64 upvotes, 2 comments WHERE IS IT??? by Adabibidabadman 610 views, 3 upvotes